Monolids Collective
This is Monolids Collective, or MoCo for short. It’s a product line, it’s a resource, it’s a community.

Welcome home.

Dear friends with monolids,

Let’s be honest — we’re all here for the same reason. We got sick of waiting for the beauty industry to see us. We got tired of smeared eyeliner, heavy mascara, wrong-sized products, and eyelash curlers that don’t curl our lashes.

We started this “for us, by us” beauty company with a simple mission: create products that actually work and spread the love for natural eye beauty in the process.

The Collective Code

We see you. But first, repeat after me...

Eye represent my ethnicity and heritage with pride.
Eye shall wait until my eyeliner is dry before I open my eyes.
Eye love and embrace my monolids and all types of eye shapes.
Eye shall wear waterproof mascara.
Eye know the eye primer is my best friend.
Eye don’t feel the need to conform to Western beauty standards.
Eye appreciate and accept that beauty comes in all face shapes, cheekbones, and skin tones.
Eye shall find the perfect eyelash curler that fits the unique shape of my eyes.
Eye am just as comfortable using eye enhancements as I am without them.
Eye will stand up against racial and ethnic discrimination.
You're Just Our Type!

In any given year, an estimated 1.3 million people worldwide undergo double eyelid surgery to transform monolids into double eyelids. It’s the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery throughout Asia, and the second most popular around the world. We want to end this epidemic by celebrating natural eye beauty. Your eyelids are freaking gorgeous just the way they are. Now, let’s give them a little love.

Monolid illustration

Our raison d’etre! Monolids are eyelides that have no visible crease, and they’re common to people of Asian descent. They’re often ignored by Western beauty brands, which is nuts because they’re awesome.

Hooded eyelids illustration
Hooded Eyelids

Another gorgeous type of eyelid that doesn’t get enough love from the industry. Hooded eyelids are eyelids in which the skin above the crease bows over the crease itself. They’re a common feature among people of East Asian descent, but are found in all ethnicities around the world. It’s something that commonly occurs as we age.

Double eyelid illustration
Double Eyelids

An eyelid that truly needs no introduction, this is most represented eyelid shape in Western cultures. A double eyelid has a crease, dividing the lid into two segments. If you have double eyelids, you can probably walk up to just about any cosmetics counter in the world and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Monolid with makeup illustration
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What's Your Eye Love?
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“I started to love them because I see my ancestor's eyes in my own. It's interesting that it's so revolutionary to love your own features, so my monolids are so special to me as a self-love reminder.”
— Elle Chu
“I have my great grandmas monolid eyes. She passed away two years ago, but I see her every time I look at myself in the mirror. ”
— Lorena Gan
“Embracing my monolids means loving myself, reclaiming and embracing my heritage, culture, and working to unlearn eurocentrism & whiteness as the only standard of beauty.”
— Yoo-Jin Kang
Coming Soon Spring 2021...

There’s a good reason you hate that traditional eyelash curler sitting in your medicine cabinet:

it was designed nearly a century ago [strike one]

for people with double eyelids [strike two]

and it rips out your eyelashes [strike three].

Meet the Inclusive Eyelash Curler. It’s the non-pulling, single-swipe, radical way to curl those lashes. Coming Spring 2021!

MoCo Curler Animation
Our Origin Story

MoCo founder Cara Liu was born in America, spent her early years in Taiwan, and emigrated back to the U.S. at the age of eight. Growing up in a Midwestern town with very little ethnic diversity, she was made fun of by classmates for looking different. The lack of Asian representation in popular culture and mass media left her feeling insecure.

When she was old enough to start using make-up, she quickly realized how few resources there were for people with monolids. When she would try to put on eyeliner or mascara, it would disappear under her eyelids and immediately smear. At the time, there were almost no Asian make-up artists on YouTube and finding products designed for her specific features was all but impossible.

Cara embarked on a multi-year journey of experimentation before she finally discovered the secrets to creating looks that suit her own eye shape. Through all of this trial and error, something even more profound happened: she fell in love with the way she looked. She came to realize that those same eyelids that used to make her feel so insecure are the very thing that makes her uniquely beautiful.

Cara founded MoCo to encourage other girls and women to embrace their uniquely beautiful features by providing the resources, tools, and representation she wished she had when she was young.

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